Prepare your workplace for the icy weather


During the winter season, there are multiple risk factors which need to be managed. For personnel responsible for keeping pavements,      walkways and carparks free of ice to safeguard others, possessing the right tools for the job can make a significant operational            difference.

Avocet Cleaning Service can create a unique package tailored to your companies needs. Avocet is dedicated to go the extra mile to keep you and your team safe in these cold icy weather conditions.

Get Prepared By Getting Ahead

The Met Office has warned of colder than average temperatures, as-well-as an increased likelihood of overnight frost, fog and snow through the January.* And with chilly temperatures, comes the inevitable disruption to transport and on-site mobility, so just how prepared is your business for a possible cold spell?

At Avocet Cleaning Services we are here to help to get you ready and get gritting your business.

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