How clean is your office?

An unclean office can often make employees less motivated or unproductive. Offering a clean workspace can not only impress clients but can also boost the moods of workers and increase professionalism and productivity.
We have come up with common missed areas of cleanliness that are often overlooked:


Phones are used daily and can harbour bacteria leading to germs being spread around the office, simply having these sanitised can prevent staff sickness and general wellbeing.


In most offices, the microwave is something used daily and spills are frequent. Long-term this can not only harbour dangerous bacteria but also leave an unpleasant smell across the office deterring potential business and upsetting staff, especially if someone like their lunchtime curries!

Light Fittings

These can often be a bit of a pain to clean in hard to reach areas and require more effort, therefore they just get neglected when it comes to ensuring the office is completely spotless. Just because you can’t see the dust accumulating on top of the fitting, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

Chairs or Bulky furniture

Dirt, dust, and oil build up in upholstered furniture which should be regularly maintained. Stains can be removed with spot cleaning and hoovering away any dust in the creases of the fabric can make such a difference.

Handles and Stair Rails

These both have substantial interaction with bacteria during the day and therefore it’s essential that these are disinfected daily. Once again, just because they don’t look untidy doesn’t mean they aren’t harbouring harmful bacteria.

Computers and Keyboards

Often employees may eat food at their desks, not wash hands after using the bathroom and this leads to dirt and grime getting into the keys. Keyboards are a strong environment for bacteria to grow and therefore can increase the chances of staff becoming unwell.

Vision panels in doors

The glass panels on doors are often overlooked but are very much used daily with opening and closing doors, again harbouring any nasty germs for the next person to pick up.


Avocet have all of this covered and our attention to detail is one of the things we have much pride in. A clean , hygienic work place is a happy one

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